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University Hospital "Erchi", "operation of the heart threw out the explanation of the patient

ERCIYES University Hospital for Medical School; On Twitter, a user, "Kayseri Ercis Medical emergency medicine, heart surgery had a son in this condition, because the flickering shower in the brain threw us from clumping, as a result of the death of clots caused death," he said regarding this claim. In a statement, the claim does not reflect the truth, he said.
The hospital at the hospital "Erchis", a male patient, reportedly died as a result of negligence. The video shared on Twitter says that the young man died as a result of his indifference at the faculty hospital. University Medical Faculty in Yerchyi in hospital Chief doctor Dr. Statement was given by Ahmet Gunny. Professor Dr Gunny said the patient, who is said to have a rhythm disorder, lost her life because she did not respond to treatment and said:
"AhmetKorkmaz_1907 social media user to share social media accounts distributed to share" Kayseri Ehriksis Medical emergency, heart surgery in this case, my son like a shimmering shower in the brain has ruled out safety as a result of throwing a clot in the brain caused death. Do not open an investigation for doctors, "Let's share the form of a tweet does not reflect the reality, we see the following description that is appropriate to do.
In our archival research, it was found that the deceased patient had familial hyperlipidemia and congenital cardiac valvular disease. It was understood that the patient was admitted to our hospital in October due to heart problems, but the patient did not respond to the treatment.
Chief Doctor Dr Ahmet Gunny noted that social media exchange does not reflect reality:
"The information contained in the part of tweets does not reflect the truth, public opinion is how the new operation will be under the shower." A video image in sharing a tweet is not a picture of the hospital, but also a picture of the home.
The patient finally presented our emergency department (October 4, 2018) with palpitation complaints. His body temperature was 36.5 degrees, the blood pressure was normal and his pulse at the heart was 120 / min. He was sent home to monitor as a result of a correction of heart rhythm by treating and stabilizing the patient. However, on the following day, the patient complained of palpitations (heart rate 108 / min.) And was admitted to the cardiology department to monitor the cardiac rhythm, and during the monitoring, the rhythm was lost on the second day of receipt. The loss of our patient makes us sad, but it is also a serious violation of our institution, which is one of the leading medical faculty hospitals in our country and which receives intensive health services.
The CIMER complaint was made by the relatives of the deceased patient, this complaint reached our institution from yesterday and our institution has already begun a legal investigation into this. In other words, as stated in the tweet, the expression is not an exact statement unless the Higher Higher Education Institution allows it. We believe that it is not appropriate to share more detailed information at this stage of the legal process.

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