Friday , April 16 2021

The top four of the honor is aimed at the Turkish market

Chinese smartphone brand of honor, the first year was celebrated in a special event in Turkey. and began its work in Turkey on the market in 2018 offers 11 models of the market, the company in honor case, hosted by Hong Kong President Kevin in the second year in Turkey, announced the fourth-largest smartphone on the market aims to be brand.

Despite the fall of the global smartphone market in 2018, Cong said sales rose 27 percent to a brand, "This year we aim to be the world's fourth largest smartphone brand in Turkey. We will continue to develop new products to achieve this goal

Kevin Kong said they were attracted by young people, especially as a brand and they formed a group of fans of 100,000 people within a year.

The Turkish president came to Malaysia

Honest introduced the new logo designed by the Paris Aesthetic Research Center in the event and announced that it would be or honor my world, completely new slogans.

In December 2013, the Chinese smartphone maker Huawei Honest has established itself as a brand, entering Turkey in April last year.

The company in February 2019, as formerly Kevin Hong, who is in various management positions in the Malaysian market, was honored as president of Turkey.

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