Wednesday , August 4 2021

The professor of geology of Ece Erken and Bircan Bali, Selal Zengar, the thought of Celal Zengar as a doctor and the request for his dismissal was a mockery!


While the Sultan knew 5 languages, his servants were illiterate: Do I wonder if these two unskilled people have the knowledge and career to talk about such topics on television? If they think you’re bullshit and they put you on TV, know what you’re talking about, the tabloids are your business, you gossip all day, you discuss history with the professors who you are.

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I see two women doing their best to justify Selal Zhengor. The Sultan does not know how to ignore his ignorant subjects because he speaks more than one language, but he has many ideas. The literacy rate of the Ottoman people was less than 2 percent. Idiots, who think that every professor is a medical doctor, are not able to deceive false moves so that they can bang. They make people smile while making them think, what these people have been doing on TV for years, it does not suit our educated society to watch such people!

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Suddenly, why idiocy in this channel Fetöcü Melih Gökçekin began to be on the agenda, and those who set up this channel and those who watched are ignorant rather than weeds, unnecessarily useless, yesterday’s phagists, today’s x, y, z congregations. This has always been the level since the founding of Bejaz TV. As I said before, let me write again, Ancient Egypt, thousands of years before Ancient Sumeria, if people had come to this day and listened to their speeches, they would have wondered how many thousands of years back. What is wrong with saying that Islam makes you ignorant?

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