Saturday , April 17 2021

The Klitsaroglu assault on the nobleman can not prevent the "frequent" from hearing the criminal complaint!

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Noble, Twitter's official profile, CHP Vice-President Engin Ozkokin, president of Kemal Kiljicharaglu, at a funeral during his speech at the Çubuk funeral ceremony, including some of the public officials, shared his appeal for criminal charges.

Minister Sailou, in sharing, "the PKK and the embassy of those who accept the application for me before the court is honored". used expressions.


CHP leader Kemal Kilicarglunun participated in the funeral of a martyr after his attack on the funeral of the martyr Sulejman Soyunun, the interior minister, told the attack.

What does the nobleman say: In the studies carried out so far, we have not been able to establish that the incident was caused by an external provocation. In our first evaluations, no provocation was organized. In our findings, there is no evidence of provocation or external provocation.

What happened: Although Interior Minister Sulejman Soylu argued that there was no "provocation in the CHP leader's attack, Kemal Kilicharaglu, the statement caused the incident to be used for suspects arrested in the mug of command in the Çubuk district of Jubur.

What does the nobleman say: We found that the person who hit Kıldıdırğlu was a close and peasant martyr.
What happened: Aggressive Osman Sarygun said he had no connection with Shekhit Yener Kirikki and that he was delighted by the rhetoric about the protests and Kilchicharoğlu and the rhetoric of it as a supporter of the PKK. Then the crowd pulled me away

What do the nobles say?: Kemal Kilicharaglu had no notice of his coming to the funeral.

What happened? CHP Deputy Chairman Yildirim Kaya, "Kilicararoglunnun" participated in the funeral of the martyrs at the Directorate for Protection of the Guardian at 10.03. As a result of the information, the CEO's CEO was acquainted with the Çubuk Governor. "According to the CHP, the protection of National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, Kemal Kylakdaroglunun's protection manager, Corey Aslan, called and asked:" Do you come? ", General Director of Security, Celal Uzunka, Spokesperson Saigon Ozturk, said in the statement that "Ankara's chief of police, Servet Yilmaz, the leader of the CHP Kilicharodrogo, who comes from Istanbul at the airport, the participation of the Minister of National Defense, Hulusi Ak ar, at the ceremony learned that at the entrance of the bar, "he said.

Ship ships

CHP leader Kemal Kilicagoglu, who attended the funeral of Air Jener Kirikki, was attacked on Sunday, April 21, in the area of ​​Chubuk, the Akkuzulu district of the Chubuk area. After the trial, Osman Sarigun decided to release him on condition that he was given a court verification. AKP spokesman Omer Celik, a member of the AKP, announced that he was referred to the disciplinary demand for the export of the Sargiguan offensive.

Osman Saring shared his paintings by kissing the arm of an assailant who was determined to be AKP after his release. the AKP candidate for the mayor of Sichuan leader Gökçekaya, a turban for the "Turkey" hero "later used the expression had to delete the images." Ankara's provincial president, Hakan Han Ozkan, gave a statement on his Twitter account: "You became one with traitors, cheating the spoon in your tables to mock the kudsiyetini of our nation. The answer to the pain of the martyrs, in your headquarters with the supporters of the terrorists, answered. We do not feed you our brave. "

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