Friday , January 22 2021

The economic confidence index was published in October

While the economic confidence index in September was 88.5, it increased by 4.8% in October and reached 92.8. The increase in the economic confidence index resulted from the increase in the confidence indices in the real sector (manufacturing), services, retail and the construction sector.

The index of confidence in the real sector increased by 3.8% to 109.7 in October compared to the previous month, the index of confidence in the service sector increased by 6.4% to 79.7, the index of confidence in retail trade increased by 1.7% to 95.0. The confidence index in the construction industry increased by 0.6% to 83.8. The Consumer Confidence Index decreased by 0.1% in October to 81.9.

Economic Confidence Index, October 2020

Economic Confidence Index, Sector Indices and Rate of Change, October 2020

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