Saturday , September 18 2021

The carved noses of the Turks!

The outward appearance greatly affects the psychology and social life of people. With the effect of social media, the number of aesthetic operations is rapidly increasing. In Turkey, saying most people complained about a rounded nose

Many people who are not satisfied with their image now make it aesthetic. Today, luxury has become a necessity. Because the more person wants to be psychologically comfortable, self-confidence comes and social relationships are more comfortable. Even those with empty hearts can find happiness! including Turkey is in the first place among the most common aesthetic aesthetic nose that countries make. When this is the case, health centers are rising to make money. So, what should be our first step if we decided on aesthetics? University hospital "Istine" in the Liszt hospital Bahchechehir specialist for aesthetic and pastic surgery Assoc. Dr. Harun Çöloğlu gave important information.


Turkey is among the countries with the most rhinoplasty in the world. For this reason, the number of surgeons with the most experienced and successful rhinoplasty is more than other countries. Then comes the lower end of the nose and the third curve. It is very important to choose the right surgeon when deciding on the aesthetics of the nose! Are you experienced in the operation of the nose, do you follow the latest developments, or are you equipped academically? When an experienced doctor sees the patient's face, that person can decide what looks better than the nose. Although the ideal nose has proportions per person, looking at the nose you have before, simulation will simplify your pre-operative contract with your doctor. It prevents bad surprises that you can experience later. You should also seek pictures of patients who have already been managed by your doctor. If you have a small questionnaire in yours, cancel the surgery. Because it's much easier to get a nice result from the nose that has never been ruled.


Nasal aesthetics can be made to any person over 18 years of age. I had many interesting cases. However, two patients emphasized the importance of the beautiful face image for everyone. One of them was visually impaired and the other was 72 years old. When I talked and looked at it, I saw that they had very good reasons and agreed to carry out the operations. The result was also very nice.


Rhinoplasty means "making a nose". It also means aesthetics on the nose. In the morning, we can send the patient home at home in the evenings. But if the patient does not want to go, we have one night. When she leaves the surgery, she may begin to breathe through her nose. We get internal silicone tampons 2-3 days after surgery (not as painful as it has been said). About 7-8 days is a small protector of the tread on the nose and the extreme edema of the edema. On the tenth day there is nothing in the nose. If there is minor damage to the nasal soft tissue (protective rhinoplasty), there is no bruising. The patient extends his working life and social life from where he stood. These problems are corrected and if there is curvature and nasal growth that makes breathing difficult in the nose. Even most patients want to correct my breathing, I want to be aesthetically aesthetically pleasing.

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