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Stan Lee lost his life at the age of 95. Stan Lee, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Man and Iron Man.


Spider-Man is an American comic writer, editor, publisher and producer who is the creator of several dozen legendary comics, such as Fantastic Four, X-Man and Iron Man. In addition to allowing a comic strip that is a small broadcasting industry to develop and acquire an international structure, Stan Lee has taken important steps in the sector's development, enabling the Comics Code Authority to change its policy.

Stan Lee, or Stanley Martin Lieber, born December 28, 1922, was born in New York, USA. Lee, who also studied at DeWitt Clinton High School, was also involved in the distribution of newspapers and offices in local companies. He graduated from high school in 1939 and joined the business life at a young age compared to his peers.

With the help of my uncle Robbie Solomon, Lee, who later became the foundation of Marvel Comics and entered the Timely Comics cellulose artifacts, edited by Martin Goodman. he had the opportunity to go out; Captain America. Stanley Martim Lieber, who took his place in the third edition of the comic, which will become a legend in the following years. For the first time he used his pseudonym, Stan Lee, to be its official name. In the same year he created his first superhero character; Destroyer.

After joining the US Army in 1942, Lee left the military service in 1945. When, after the end of World War II, he prepared military films, slogans and training manuals for the army, and in 1947 he married Joan Clayton Boocock.

In the early 1950s, Lee wrote scenarios for comic scripts in various areas such as western, science fiction and horror. was ordered. He managed to raise the average age of the reader's profile, replacing the heroes of the superheroes who symbolized the absolute best man with his previous perfect physical and mental abilities, replacing the heroes with humanities struggling with everyday problems.


The first work created by Lee and his friend Jacek Kirby was the Fantastic Four. They watched a series of comics like Fantastic Four: Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, X-Man, Daredevil, Spider Man. In addition to the names of writers and illustrators written with classic lines on the cover of the comics, the writer adds the names of employees in the sector who add names of employees who write words, and creates a link between the comic book and writer authors.

In 1971, the American College of Health and Education devoted three Spider-Man spheres to this topic after Lee asked him to prepare a drug to the detriment of the drug. After the publication of the first packet, the comic book code did not allow the use of the seal of the comic book code (CCA) in any American comic, because it could not be shown in a comma as drugs. Lee then launched a series without a CCA label; CSW, which was scared of the high volume of sales, had to loosen up its policy.

After the 1980s, Stan Lee was now one of the heroes of popular culture and became the public face of Marvel. Lee moved to California, T.V. Marvel. He was responsible for his screenings and cinema adaptations, and continued writing and editing comic scripts.

In 2006, Marvel released a series of new comics in honor of the 65th anniversary of Lee's work with the company. Lee created Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, D.R. By combining classic characters, such as Doom with the linear character of the author himself, this series attracted great attention.

Lee was accepted into Jack Kirby's Hall of Fame in 1995, and in 2008 the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the legendary name of the cinema world, was forever forged. On October 2, 2009, Stan Lee Days took place in Los Angeles and Long Beach on behalf of Lee, who won many awards, including the National Medal of Arts and the Scream Awards.

In many of the comics he wrote, he prepared surprises for viewers on the big screen, playing himself as an additional in the story and in many film projects in the background.

In 2007, during the Comic-Con International event, Marvel Legends presented the author's figurine and offered collectors the opportunity to add one of their favorite writers to their collections.

Selected works; Spider Man, Avangers, Captain America, Daredevil, The Fantastic Four, Journey into Mystery, Ravage 2099, The Silver Surfer, Solarman, Strange Tales

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