Saturday , October 23 2021

"Speculators are trying to raise prices for dry onions"


Steel, an AA correspondent, said in a statement on the price of dry onions, although the situation in recent days to 4 pounds said that the price.

They produce an annual average of 20,000 tons of onions, expressing Turkey to meet 2 percent of onions they need steel "Prices start from the season and louder, it would not be that it is opportunism, trade to colleagues that it has transformed it into opportunism, Amasya early season begins At the moment, speculators are trying to raise prices, causing panic, "he said.

Steel collections across the country and the product are removed from the warehouse, stating that steel, said:

"He entered the onion store, the onions are diseases in some regions due to the disease of our law, but" not onions in Turkey, the price will be about 10 times. "Using such expressions, we feel enormous damage to both the producer and the consumer, we export, our country will export one thousand tons of products every day.

Steel, stressing that he remained at a normal price level in the case of opportunism to do "Only delivery and issuing demand is not a problem, citizens always & # 39; re hurt. You play one onions and potatoes ashamed. This is reflected in our consumers and our producers of both our farmers. Potato also turkey onions in themselves plenty able to feed. provision of property in the hands of speculators, 3-5 opportunism. There are many onions in Turkey we want, no one should think. " He said.


Amasya Chamber of Agriculture president Mehmet chief also said that compared to last year has grown harvest of onions in Amasya, the most important production centers of Turkey onions.

The boss said that this year's performance is high, but in some regions prices have risen because of various diseases found in onions. The head, up to 6 pounds at the beginning of the season, the price of onions increased to 2.5 pounds, but now again, he said it would increase.


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