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Specialist warned! Even more dangerous than sugar

Many packaged products, such as chocolate, biscuits or cola, fruit juice include corn syrup. Experts say corn syrup is far more damaging than natural sugar beet sugar.

Yaşam Fructose in corn starch is addictive and does not cause a feeling of satiety. With the adverse effects it creates on the brain, it creates more food sensations. "

A much stronger sweetener than glucose

Corn syrup is preferred in the food sector than natural sugar beet sugar. Because corn syrup, natural sugar is said to be lower than the price. Because the sweetener power is high, a small amount of sweetener can sweeten more products and extend the shelf life of the product.

Egyptian fructose with syrup, inviting many diseases, stating that Dr. Lecturer. Halluc Sachakli said glucose and fructose calories are more dangerous than starch and glucose calories such as potatoes and bread.

In corn syrup, the starch breaks down into glucose, followed by glucose fructose. Corn syrup consists of 80 percent fructose and 20 percent glucose. But, for example, the more natural sugar from sugar beet, fructose and glucose is 50-50 percent. Fructose is a more potent sweetener than glucose. "

Causes of diseases: Fructose

Corn syrup, insulin resistance, obesity, vascular diseases, and diabetes that cause it. Lecturer. Insulin resistance also leads to the growth of tumors.

Because cancer cells use sugar as a fuel. There is no need for insulin to metabolize the fructose that reaches the liver. In addition, it quickly converts to triglyceride and the tank becomes greasy. Of all the sweeteners, fructose turns into the fastest fat. "

Natural sugar is the best

The refined sugar-induced damage to the body, corn syrup is little less than the statement that Dr. Lecturer. Article Fringe, “We call it natural sugar and fruit that we need to know, satisfied with sugar. When we can't say stop for dessert, we should prefer those made with sugar derived from sugar beet. We need to read the biscuit packages well and not spend any end with Z OZ. "

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