Saturday , April 17 2021

Son of Orhan Gentebi, Gokhan Genzsebay, stabbed Taxi arrested!

Gokhan Gentebej, the son of master artist Orhan Gentebayin, an oral knife with a fruit knife in his breast, after a taxi driver was arrested for threats and wounds.


The son of Orhan Gentebej, Gokhan Genchebain, used the tool with his girlfriend Sedan Osman and taxi driver Dogan Erdogan, Ph.D. Besiktas, because of the race. When Gentebay swore at his girlfriend, he got out of the car and went to the taxi driver. Dogan Erdogan reportedly stabbed Gokhan Genzeyay in a traffic dispute after a traffic discussion detained by the detained police was taken to the Istanbul Justice House in Caglayan. Dogan Erdogan, who was questioned by the prosecutor of the Beyoglu Region application, was sent to the court for his arrest. The suspect was taken by the Erdogan Criminal Court to Erdogan, "Armed Threat" and "Violation" were arrested for crimes.

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