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She was afraid to look at the mirror.

Sounay Öztürk, a mother of two children (41), decided to make a zirconium layer about 9 months ago to whiten her teeth. Ozturk went to a private ambulance outpatient clinic with the withdrawal of 10 thousand Turkish lira from the family with the first pension. After a while, we imagine the white teeth that Ozurtak dreamed, again came to the same clinic. Allegedly, although tooth care, Öztürk said that the coating process was performed. Ozurtk, who for several days addressed his doctor for pain in other teeth, received antibiotics and painkillers. Despite the use of drugs, the pain never worn Ozturk, molar pain in the teeth in the other 3 teeth that wanted to retreat. Ozturk withdrew his teeth in exchange for a signature, I thought to get rid of the pain, but the pain did not stop again.


Then Ozurtk, Antalya, Isparta and Denizli began to visit doctors. To get rid of the pain, Ozturk sold his goods extensively, saw the treatment of various channels in the hospitals and continued to pull his teeth. Ozturk can not get any results from all of these, to get rid of the pain wrapped around his head decided to take all the teeth. About 1.5 months, 32 teeth of the unfortunate woman, this time thought they would get rid of the pain again frustrated.


Ozturk can alleviate the pain with medications covered with the green recipe because the painkillers do not use Ozurtk, the brain and the nervous surgeon will explain the situation. Here, he was diagnosed with isi trigeminal neuralgia, the so-called. jyu crazy disease Burada. Öztürk, who went to brain surgery as a last resort, never suffered pain after surgery. The sick days of Ozark, as well as heart and blood pressure, were also affected. Ozurtuk's heart valve was opened due to problems in the teeth, the patient with hypertension.


He was enrolled at the Academy's Academy of Hospitals Academy (AU) and was operated on June 12th. Ozturk was cut off from nerves in painful areas, was fired after about 2 weeks of hospitalization, but the pain went abroad, but did not want to have euthanasia abroad.

Ministry of Health

Sounay Ozurtk was negatively affected by the psychology of the Ministry of Health. Öztürk, who was hospitalized in Ankara Gülhane Training and Research Hospital about 8 months ago, was treated in the Department of Neurology. Pain in the Ozturk reduced in the early days, he felt better and more and more with the pharmacological treatment that was applied to him.


With the help of strong pain reliever and treatment, pain in the right lower jaw after illumination of the life of the dentist entering the dentures Ozurtk, before treatment in Antalya, said the treatment is still suffering. Ozurtk, Ankara's treatment gave positive results and said that the old pains, reductions in areas where the nerve continues to treat pain for this, will continue for 2 years. Öztürk said his pain in the right jaw that started his illness had diminished and said I wanted the nerves to smash the dentist in my last operation in Antalya. The pain of the trimmed nerves is pain now. But the pain in my right lower jaw free me a little thanks to our teacher in Ankara. That pain is mild. But I do not feel the areas where those nerves intersect, it is paralyzed
Othurk said that the treatment continues "Thanks to my teacher, thank you Omer Karadash very much, I am now in the drugs." My doctor said that it would be a two-year drug treatment, I use it for about eight months, I take very high doses of medicine. I use drugs, there are immediate triggers. I believe our teacher, he said.


After 8 months treatment of prosthetic teeth, but the underdeveloped nerves in the region can not be used because of pain, suggesting that Ozturk, after 1.5 years of prostheses, but not with real prosthesis, has again passed the mirror. Ozturk feared to look at the mirror before, this time smiling, and at least the teeth were fitted. I can not use it, but it's a little more comfortable. I can not eat anything, I try to eat. Now I'm laughing. I have teeth. No matter how much I can use my teeth. I have a little trouble, but I'm still trying to use it. It's nice to look at the mirror and laugh. Even if I can not use it, now it's enough. Kulan


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