Friday , April 16 2021

Say goodbye to shock in the back streets! Has Celine abandoned him? Back streets 515. see the last episode!

Channel D phenomenon series Back Streets appeared on April 26 on Friday evening with 516th episode. In the last part of the back streets, Celine can not bear the pain she suffered and leave the team and move to another unit. Celine felt a difficult time after the death of his son Umut.

Celine, who starts with Mesut, can not forget the suffering that he experienced. Lastly, when Assim is taken hostage, the defeat of Mesut in his life by playing Russian roulette becomes the last straw. The Director General calls for his appointment explaining the situation. Mesut, who finds out that he and the team have decided to separate the roads, has been destroyed. He does everything to best make this decision; but Celine is resolved. The director of "Engin" can not schedule a meeting more than six. Celine is no longer a public security commissioner, but a commissioner appointed by the Directorate for Children's Branches. His departure will appeal to his entire team.


Rear streets In chapter 515, the prosecutor arrested Ali, whom he thinks helps to avoid Nassuh. Nasuh managed to escape from the hospital with her daughter Shebnem after liver transplant for her son Ali. Ali and Riza Baba, escape to Nasuh because of the great surprise. The prosecution is investigating. Prosecutor Adnan, who is investigating the incident, believes that Ali may have a finger in the escape of Nasuh. He puts the entire team, including Riza Baba, into the investigation.

Because Nasuh escaped while he was under the supervision of the team. From prison to surgery, the prosecutor becomes one of the most important charges. Ali travels alone to find Usuh. Contact his father. Man comes to the meeting place, not Nashus. Ali takes the phone to the man, whom he thinks he can reach his father. In the meantime, apart from the team and the team, the prosecutor reached Ali because they were following this phone. Ali was arrested in front of the squad for suspecting he was helping his father escape due to a phone call.


In the 515th episode of "Back Streets", published on Friday, April 26, 2014, Ali's father, Nasuh, escaped from the hospital and confronted his son and his team with the prosecutor!

Ali's father, Nasuh, managed to escape the hospital after a transplant. Shebnem, Ali's half-sister, Shebnem helps his father in the doctor's mask, leaving Ali and his team in a difficult position. The prosecution moves after the escape of Usuh. The first suspect in the investigation, which was initiated after the prisoner escaped from the prison, was identified as Ali. The prosecutor, who believes his father will escape from his escapism, refers to Ali's testimony. Ali acts independently to send his father Nasuh back. This is his business.

Celine wants to be assigned to another unit in a state of mind not to skip bad events. Engin shows how firm a decision he made by giving the petition. When the efforts of Director Mesut and Engin go to waste, Celine begins her duties at the Children's Subsidiary Directorate.

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