Saturday , January 16 2021

Satellite surprising lakes of Saturn discovered in Titan

NASA's Cassini spacecraft revealed the surprisingly deep lakes of the Saturn Moon Titan.

More than a year since NASA's Cassini spacecraft was wrong due to intense friction in the atmosphere of Saturn. This, of course, was a bitter day for the astronomical community, but thanks to the richness of Cassini's information he has collected for more than 13 years, new discoveries in Saturn's orbit can still be made.


Cassini loaded with NASA's space vehicles ends

In an article published in Nature Astronomy, researchers in the Cassini project say Saturn's Saturn Titan is special than it can, according to the radar data of the spacecraft. Lakes that he spotted on the satellite during Cassini's last passage in 2017 is much deeper than thought.

On the surface of the earth there is a lot of fluid, but this is not the case for many other planets in the solar system. Titan is an exception here, because the Titan lake's surfaces are visible. These lakes are not filled with liquid water; it's because it's too cold for Titan. Instead, the Titan lakes are filled with methane.


NASA's Myth Mission last year after Cassini's death

Scientists were aware of the existence of these lakes, but Cassini showed that these lakes were much deeper than they thought. The research team says the lakes are 91 meters deep. This discovery also recalls that even a spacecraft like Cassini can make new discoveries.

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