Sunday , October 17 2021

Prof. Dr. Dujgu Perrin: equally valuable a

Assistant to the Rector of Katahia Salk University Prof. Dr. Duygu Perrin Renders said she was a precious inactive virus that entered stage 3 at the time she was born.

Assistant Rector Professor, who made important acquittals for Covid-19 and the latest situation in Turkey. Dr Perrin Renders, underlining the need to prevent people from gathering especially in closed areas, said: “The only way to do this is to have bans. We will probably see bans reflected in the numbers and occupancy rates of hospitals in 15 days.We do not expect an end 15 days ago.But from now on, the numbers are in 15 days from now.I guess it will be serious.You know that similar things happened in the previous bans.When the first bans came, we provided additional protection, so that there was no increase. There was a long break. People started to gather. Also, with the effect of the cold weather, in closed areas. They got together. This further increases the risk. days, “he said.

“Intensive care rates are rising.

Noting that hospital occupancy rates have been reduced, CBS Assistant Professor Perrin Renders said: “We can no longer find a place to sleep in many hospitals. New intensive care units are being added. In other words, intensive care occupancy rates are increasing. We are starting to worry about not providing quality health care to our patients.It is important to count these numbers, perhaps to tens or hundreds, the next step is to take steps to reduce hospital occupancy rates and rates. of intensive care.

“Closed spaces today may be white”

Perrin Renders said that people do not respect the personal precautions they should follow and as a result bans were introduced: “Today we can continue with restaurants, cafes and schools, but unfortunately, people did not pay attention to personal precautions. protection to which they should pay attention. In addition to not wearing masks, people gather indoors I know people who are Covid-19 and go to the hospital and visit the person. Look, these are very wrong. Activities such as patient visits, basal visits, dinners, associations should not be done.

“5 people can not get together in England.”

Noting that he is in very good examples in countries like England and Ireland, Perrin Renders said: “In these countries 5 people can not gather when it comes to a state of red alert. Unfortunately, we could not go to these restrictions. However, 4-5 families can gather and talk in the evening, he said, “the only thing was to live on the streets.”

“There were no serious side effects at all”

Rectr Assistant Renders, which explained that the side effects in the mother are very low, citing the period produced by the company Covid-19, is a valuable inactive virus that is currently taken due to the introduction of phase 3. As a method, it is a process of developing a network that we know very well in the historical process. There were less than 5 percent side effects when taking phase 3, including those ingested. These side effects were very dry, mild fever, mild fatigue and very mild side effects like redness on the arm. No serious side effects were reported. At the end of the year, other side effects will certainly be investigated, but a very special development is that there is no significant side effect in this short term. There is no need to be afraid of this island. I absolutely carry the opinion of our President and Minister of Health. This moment must be spread quickly and made by everyone. you

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