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Precise iOS 13 features are leaked!

iOS 13 features Completely new details come up. We started testing a few weeks ago iOS 13Çıktı reputation, today some important features have emerged.

iOS 13 features leaky!

As you know, Apple has abandoned its improvements in the interface, iPhone and iPad focused on improving the performance of their models.

Today Bloomberg According to a report released by Apple, iOS 13 along with many functional features appear to offer users.

This year will be held in June WWDC 2019 event the latest iOS together with a special one dark mode Function will be offered.

Thanks to this feature, which the user expects a long time, iOS night use of devices will be more effective. Of course, iOS 13 innovations will not be limited to night mode.

iOS 13 features

Bloomberg In accordance with the information received from the latest iOS in the version CarPlay serious improvements will be made in the application. Like that, CarPlay which will make the application more stable AppleIt is also expected that this application will provide some functional features.

Plus, Apple, all these innovations iPad also appears on a new home screen. This innovation, presented in previous reports, Bloomberg the reports have also been confirmed.

Finally, Apple, working on a multi-tasking team for iPad users, new version of iOS along with these features will be presented to users.

For now, BloombergAccording to the report iOS 13 features all known for it. Do you think that, the latest iOS What qualities do we fulfill in our version? You can transfer your expectations for the new iOS from the comments section below.

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