Monday , June 21 2021

Maonic's wife left Istanbul

Maonic's wife left Istanbul

Many players are injured this season, the Fenerbahce derby after players in the penal area are now a crisis in the Maicon crisis. It was proven that the Brazilian player who left his wife's home had a bad psyche.


Galatasaray fans also liked wife of wife Ursula Roque Maicon, who left Istanbul two months ago. While the Brazilian name has a negative effect on his wife and children, Terim and his friends try to help the player regain their strength.

Maicon, the irreplaceable name of Galatasaray last season, explores its ancient times this season. The reason for the player's downfall is that the breakup of his wife Ursula Roque with Istanbul and the name experienced for 2 months from his wife is shown. Maicon, giving the impression of a complete family man, and his wife, spending time with her children, is going through a difficult period because of this problem in her private life.


Ursula Roque, who has been playing regularly at the Türk Telekom stadium last season, is separated from his wife, and this season has not appeared for a long time in Galatasaray. Ursula Roque, who became a fan of fans with head banging and waving the Galatasaray flag, left Istanbul. Maicon, daughter of 1 son and 1 daughter, suffered from this situation, which is the main reason for the decline in performance.


Maicon, who is suffering from psyche, is still changing her image, replacing her last model for the last season, while her teammates, Mariano, Fernando, Donk and goalkeeping coach, Taffarel and coach Fatih Terim, try to support them as much as possible in this process.

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