Wednesday , August 4 2021

Last minute: Flash development for the latest condition of Yilmaz Vural! – Last minute football news

Yilmaz Vural, the legendary coach of Turkish football, was hospitalized on November 24 due to the corona virus that infected him.

The experienced technician was taken to intensive care at noon as a result of the increased need for oxygen on November 27th.

The good news came from Yilmaz Vural, who was intubated in the intensive care unit for about 10 days.

According to the Milliyet report; Yilmaz Vural’s intubation process is over. It was stated that the treatment with the experienced coach continues.

A special tube through the mouth or nose into the respiratory tract (trachea) using a laryngoscope or special intubation device, airway protection in case of respiratory distress or respiratory tract safety or risk of deterioration, to ensure continuous ventilation, to administer medication if necessary, switch to artificial respiration. is a setup process.

In order to connect patients with respiratory failure, which can also be defined as the inability to breathe adequately, with a breathing apparatus, it is necessary to attach a tube that reaches the trachea from the mouth. This procedure for inserting tubes is called “intubation”.

In addition, in many surgeries, it is necessary to put the patient to sleep and give medication to relax the muscles to perform the operation. Because these drugs prevent the patient from breathing on their own, the patient should be connected to a respirator and intubated during surgery.

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