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Lady Gaga: Yakin My Relationship With Bradley Cooper Was Only Part "

As they co-starred in A Star Is Born, their intimacy fueled a passionate dispute between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. When Cooper left her lover Irene Jake, her eyes turned to Lady Gaga. While the pair were silent about the rumors, Lady Gaga's explanation came up.

Lady Gaga made an interesting statement about Bradley Cooper, starring in A Star Is Born. In an interview with Eele magazine, she admitted that her rapprochement at the Oscars was just "role playing".

The duo sang the song "Shallow ede the night of the Oscars", where the emotional closeness between them leaves people questioning. But we wanted people to believe we were in love, Gaga said almost a year after the rumors.

Gaga said the press was a bit "silly Andada" in his interview and said: "So we created a love story. As an actor and singer, of course we wanted people to believe we were loved. We wanted them to feel the love of the Oscars. That night we wanted to go to the screens that way and worked for days. We planned everything. I think we did a great job. "

Lady Gaga will star in a film directed by Ridley Scott. The film will focus on the story of the Gucci family, and Gaga will be played by Patricia Rexani, Mauricio Gucci's wife.

Bradley Cooper was with Irene Jake at the time of the rumors. The couple has a daughter, Leah. Cooper, 44, and his lover, Jake, ended their four-year relationship because of disputes between them. Now they are trying to agree on custody over Leah.

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