Friday , April 16 2021

It is not invaluable! News – News Last Minute

The village of Barcın established before the Ottoman Empire and at least 5 centuries carpet is not priceless. Fearing that the carpet was stolen, villagers are preparing to hand over the carpet to the authorities.

Ismail Yuxel, Barkin Mayor, said: Adan Our village is a very old village that existed before the founding of the Ottoman Empire. We estimate that this work, which is a very valuable carpet made by manual labor, is at least 500 years old. This precious carpet has reached today with embezzlement that has taken place since the Ottomans. Now the boss is embroiled because I am. We can not take care of that, so we want to deliver this carpet to the authorities, Biz said.

Ismail Yuxel said that the carpet was a carpet that remained from the village mosque and said, Inden. We are afraid of the stolen carpet. If the authorities are concerned about this issue, we want to hand over the carpet, he said.

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