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Intel's 10th generation processors leaked

Intel aims to increase competition with 10th generation processors. on AMD of Ryze and Threadripp is Intel 10th generation the pursuit of an ambitious processor market entry. A new generation of processors basic and frequency Intel will continue its journey with a 14 +++ nm manufacturing process.

Intel's 10th generation processors

Intel Core i9-10900 by leak 10 cores and 20 threads Comes with 3.0 GHz basic, Turbo turbo 5.1 GHz frequency bandwidth processor 20 MB talk the memory. Compared to the Core i9-9900, both the cores and 4 strings increase game and in workstation can be used as.

Obviously, Intel is also going through a kernel upgrade to respond to Ryzen processors. One core Intel, known for better performance, with new processors multi-core also in performance of Ryze wants to capture processors.

New Pentium and Celeron The family will also come with the new series. US technology giant Intel is also developing workstation solutions to address the lower, middle and upper tier of 10th generation CPUs. Along with new processors LGA 1200 Intel will start using it z 490 recommended motherboards. In addition to the Z490 motherboards, H470, B460 and H410 series motherboards will also be available. 8th and 9th generation processors with new motherboards It cannot be used. In principle, Intel will replace its outlet every two generations.

Intel, which will be struggling with AMD, will release November 5 Cascade Lake-C processors November 25th Postponed. The reason for this decision is unknown, but it will be announced Threadripp is According to the processors, they are expected to make the final rotations. The company said it would lower the price of the new combat processors 3 bln set aside dollars.

you can Intel Is it successful with 10th generation CPUs?

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