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Inflation falls as prices rise – Business News

choice of economic management made immediately after jumping ranging from needle to thread, the prices of basic products used by the citizen is almost at an end, but Turkey Institute of Statistics (TUIK), the consumer is falling inflation so 9.26 & # 39; y it was a precursor to a one-digit number.

The decline in household inflation during heavy rains, which began shortly after the election in the Metropolitan Istanbul municipality, did not persuade the oppressed citizen against the cost of living. TurkStat, the annual CPI that covers the period from September to September this year at 9.26 percent annually, while in the same period, citizen's basic food increased by 15.4%. 41.6% of the cost of talking on mobile phones, 44.3% came to pick up the cigarette. After the election, the price of tea and sugar rose by 15 per cent each, according to last year's TC estimates by 10.6 per cent and 10 per cent respectively. Prices for natural gas and electricity have increased five times since August last year. Prices for natural gas and electricity rose 55.69 percent from August last year. TURKSTAT data do not reflect real inflation, with the jump and poverty among nearly 80 per cent of citizens living in starvation unable to eat vegetables and fruits as well as becoming incapacitated, said the president of the Consumer Rights Association Turhan Jakar. he.


Astonished by the cost of living and rising prices, the citizen was surprised by the miracle of inflation falling on one household. TURKSTAT, which studies the Usta data, "the price of clothing in Adana-Mersin rose by 8.5 percent, while Hatay-Kahraman Maras-Osmani fell by 15.6 percent? Can shoes increase by 17.2 percent in Izmir, 15.7 percent in Istanbul and 0.7 percent in Ankara? Trabzon, shoe up 16.8 percent, how is it going in samsung, down 8 percent? 18.3 percent of mobile phones are down in Manisa, Balikesir, up 0.6 percent, "he said.

The biggest fire in the kitchen

Although TURKSTAT announces that annual consumer inflation has fallen to single digits, citizens who have to put up charts every day cannot notice low prices on either the market or the market. In the chart prepared with the main consumer products that have the largest share of people's wallets, we see the highest rise in prices for white cheese by 61.5 percent. Electricity, which has been rising steadily over the past few days, is among the products that people have been suffering the most from rising prices with a 60.6 percent rise in prices last year. Pasta, which in recent years has become the staple food of the low-cost people, has gained its share by jumping. The price of pasta has increased by 58 percent last year. Rice also sees it with a 50 percent increase. Contact Nurai directly

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