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Important remarks by Minister of Interior Suleiman Soy

Interior Minister Sulejman Soylu, Haberturk. Modernized transversal longitudinal program Hulya Hoknik, TV programmer Hayturk Weis Og, writer Haberturk Sevilay Yilman, author Haberturk Çetiner Çetin, journalist Mahmut Övür & # 39; ün.

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Highlights from the comments of Minister Noble:

HÜLYA HÖKENEK: The CHP leader at the funeral of the martyrs Kalkidaroglou and the CHP attack were attacked. After the attacks, Mr. Minister also made statements. CHP also had explanations. CHP President Engin Özkoç announced he would file a criminal complaint. You have an explanation. According to the WPF wing, the event is organized in the direction of the event. CHP filed criminal charges against you. Can you tell us about the events?

MAINTENANCE: If there is an event in which corner of the earth, I am sorry. Of course, everyone has their own professional reflexes. For almost 2.4 years, I was appointed interior minister with the will of our president. I do not sleep before 4:00 am. My logic was "I'm sleepy, and then I'm horizontal." The first thing I see in the morning is the daily traffic report. I see how many people are dying, seeing where the misfortunes are. On the one hand, this is what we are doing on the issue of migrants. On the other hand, we live in Istanbul, violence against women, sexual harassment, everything that matters. If you are sensitive to my location, it is not just a job that wants, but it is also a place where you can do if you are sensitive to problem solving. This is a needle bar. The Ministry of the Interior aims to leave most people to work on the occasion of FET. We are fighting the PKK terrorist organization. We have closed many civil society organizations because they are in cooperation with the PKK. On the one hand, you are fighting with one hand, drugs associated with reducing Turkey's theft. Almost 40,000 drug dealers went to jail during the interior ministry.

We have two of our places: government and politics

Safety in schools, people go from home to work, weekend football matches is your job. You must put a serious concentration on all of this. After completing your job, you need to put your trust, "God help" him. We go to the funeral of many martyrs. I am one of the people who face our martyrs and we face our veterans. There may be a reaction to the martyr's funeral. You may also encounter a reaction when you enter the company. We do not know who will stand up? Get in, welcome your greetings, perhaps from FETÖ. On the one hand, we have to perform the duty of the state, on the one hand, with the political cap.

VEYİS ATEŞ: Have you met, sir?

NOBLE: A lot. She said that you have no work here, so I said thank you. You need to understand that you are getting negative energy. Bless Molnia Akuna, Minister of Health. He said: "There are some types of people who see you, go without interfering with them." Here we have 4 martyrs in Çubuk. I have to look at the climate. Leaves residual sediment after each choice. You will go through a great fight. There are winners, losers. Will they handle their hands or not? But there is something else. 2 blocks the last elections for the first time in Turkey so clear.

"I'm not a fire extender, I mean everything"

You just have to think about the holiday. Mesut Yilmaz was also for other politicians. Many politicians, ministers, deputies, mayors were on the level. Of course it does not normalize. There's a funeral here. Above all, Mr. President. I show sensitivity. If the place where we went to the funeral of the martyrs, we should not violate it. I've been in this sensitivity five or six times, whether I go or not. "Thank you," they say, "This is the last profit" they say hardly. What I can say is that some of the emotions here can be controlled, some can not be controlled. It is clear that the CHP has very clear political ties with the HDP on June 24 before the elections. These children were there to protect our borders in Chukurca and the PKK tortured them. As the Minister of the Interior, I can not feed myself "my brother".

SEVILAY YILMAN: You said that CHP instructors should not be taken to burial funerals.

NOBLE: That's exactly what I said. I'm not a fireman. My duty is not to perform duties from morning to night, where I am. I am not a typing officer. I have to think about it all. On June 24, each CHP, Kılıçdaroğlu and his team did not say "voting to vote CHP HDP" you gave, "he said. I saw this picture. I am the president of Istanbul for 3.5 years. I told the governors that they should not enter the funeral of the provincial presidents, burial martyrs. Then Hudd Fiart asked, "The climate softened when they can go," I said. I said that I did not approve the cooperation of CHP-HDP and politically, and I had to take this measure. I told the same about Imagoglu. The Besiktas match went. Mr. President was outraged there. As I watched the Fenerbahce Match, my intelligence told me; social media in this FETÖ & cunun what they said here, they brought the question about the mushroom. I may also have a problem here. You are a host, "I said.

To ensure that such events are somehow self-management. I intervened at the HDP congress in Ankara. Why? I intervened for a security offer. According to their knowledge. Has a rear screen. I have to think of this climate as the Minister of the Interior. If there is sexual harassment, I have to intervene until the person caught in the area is taken to the police station. If that person is taken to the police station in the area, people fall there and a social event occurs. I will join all of these social events. As I entered the funeral in Ankara. As in the case of Aysel Tugluk. I got up and I went there. As interior minister goes to the cemetery? You can not immediately intervene, social events are pushed to a point that is not expected. Ali Koch "if you ask, such a question," he said. And he said, "Can I give you your name?" I said "with pleasure". I said: & # 39; Please, thank again. & # 39; "The minister calls me," he said. I also Ali Koch, "We have assumed responsibility for us, we also increase your measures," I said.


SEVILAY YILMAN: The event here is collective. Like Mesut Yilmaz, Suleiman Demirel, Taner Yildiz.

NOBLE: I said that the climate is different.

YILMAN: Collective anger around the house, and the interior of the main opposition leader, killing like lunatics, lynch. God forbid be there Hulusi Bey. It's good that the police chiefs have entered. Allah is protected. She was made to feel like riding on people. As your politician, do you think your statements, your statements, CHP are effective in HDP, and therefore in your cooperation with the PKK, your statements that the CHP is responsible for terrorism? We went too far, too close to politics, did you say?

ÇETİNER ÇETİN: There was a blockade during the elections. We saw that HDDP voters voted in the CHP and a good party in the big cities. It's harsh statements. The CHP has also made a statement on the settlement process in Habur in the past. FET and PKK benefit from this. How to find a way out?

NOBLE: We manage the state, we manage the country. We also have information and results about the results of our work and about the geography around us. We are not the main opposition party. People must be tolerant. Kemal Kilicarglou immediately hired him after the protesters who attacked the attack on Artvin, you want to tolerate the action to stop Aponin right now. We all have children. HDP is the political arm of the PKK. The PKK can not say HDP without saying.


If I have to explain the policy, I will go to a different point. We consider maintaining a country against a terrorist organization. This is the first time in the history of the fight against terrorism. The anger you say is formed right after this choice and with the choice of energy is emptied, it should not be overloaded with energy. The master said: "Pale iron is the day of cooling," he said. I said I was worried about this. I'm sorry for both sides. I am sorry to be the Minister of the Interior.


I'm out today, tomorrow I am. Imagoglu said: "Selahattin Demirtas" I like the political line. He has set up a very calming, peaceful order, "he said." Did these people forget the past events? "I must say that Turkey faces a threat, a break in Turkish political history." SHP made the same mistake. In the same way, people do not forgive CHP.

ÖMÜR MAHMUT: There is a problem with these blocks. There is a party related to the PKK CHP that makes it reasonable. HDP legal party and parliament. Does the policy need not resolve this? Perhaps the possibility of "cooling the hot iron" is perhaps an opportunity.

NOBLE: He is a terrorist, has a gun, has drugs, makes weapons of trafficking. He collects millions of dollars. However, you will enter into political consensus. In the East and the Southeast there is no CHP. We are not eclectic. Here we are in an organic way. CHP can represent Anatolia's policy in Anatolia? What Europe calls this policy so advanced? Why is it closed, Batasuna? Has anyone ever heard of rejecting PKK from one HDP?

"See what the KILIÇDAROĞLU protection works"

FEVER: How many guards did they have that day, Kilicararogulong?

NOBLE: There may be a risk for Kemal Kikladaroglu to go there. They reported about 11:00 am. Are you guys? They asked, they did not say such a decision. They called him in the morning at 10.03. The funeral was taken to the village by family. We martyred families do what they want. This is a general principle. Our business comes from city centers. Because the roads in the village may not be able to find it. It's a difficult car to get out. They decide, but they do not say. First, they have 2 elements to go out and review. CHP lawmakers also have statements.

Boasted: Is there a head of CRP?

NOBLE: He comes later. We focus on him. That's another matter. Let Kılıçdaroğlu consider what his bodyguards do. Those guards are tied to me. They are interested in the business of protection, or they are interested in other businesses, to look. Our inspectors will come in tomorrow. I'll ask for this. It is the work of the state by practicing masculinity, protection of man. The bodyguard must be protected. Let them look at them. They said there was no news, no news. We have already taken the necessary measures. We have commando gendarmeries. We have terrorist teams, traffic teams. There are also special operations. The Chief of General Staff is there. His security vulnerability, there are no security vulnerabilities there, the Minister of National Defense, why Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu is vulnerable. We informed the mutara, he said, the fireman came out with a statement.


"I did not know about the future of the governor of the county of Kilyiachogulong," he says. They want to take it there. "There was an organized action against us, an action against us." They talk about stones, sticks. "They talk about men from outside, they complained about 28 people, 22 from the village of Akuzulu, we found a total of 37 people, a total of 61 people, from 61 people, 2 people from Çubuk, it has related relations, two people from the village of Imamushein. is a foreign organization The provocation is not present but we are confronted with an understanding that is trying to make a provocation after that incident After the first reaction there was the provincial commander of the gendarmerie Unsal Pasha They are all men from the mountains The provincial police director, general director of the police, head of the booth that's where all the steps, including their own protection, are against the technique of this work We ordered the Inspector General If they have a basic weakness they will look around this There is no external provocation This is a natural reaction that occurs entirely there .


YILMAN: I do not think it's a preparation. There is a collective outburst of anger.

NOBLE: If a politician lied, could he face society again? Kılıçdaroğlu going to the "family, the flyer also has news," he said. Here ends.

FEVER: There is a security flaw …

NOBLE: Tom why not. Thomas goes to the martyr's funeral? Somebody says to tighten the gas. If gas and water bored, there will be a real disaster. I just arrived in the prefect. I contacted with Unsal Pasha and our provincial police chief. Then the CHP leader, Faik Oztrak, called me. "Now they are at home, because the road is unilateral, friends want to get out safely," he said.

YILMAN: The general director of the police said the gendarmerie's fault was.

NOBLE: Yesterday he rejected, he said that I did not make such an evaluation. I say there is a lack. He took the necessary measures. He thought Kilchidarroglu. We go to the funerals at the Akseki mosque in Ankara, where the protocol works. There is no protocol for a mosque in Anatolia. The point here was on the way to the car. The basic mistake should be taken home. If they went to the village castle with ministers, there would be no problem. There was only one protest.

FEVER: Would this not be the case if Mr. Kilchicharohl did not attend the funeral?

NOBLE: I am agriculture minister in Bergama, the last time I was there, people from CHP. But there is something, you're a dominant actor, 40 years' co-operates with a terrorist organization, Turkey, the study of the extension of life.

Boasted: How do you rate Kılıçdaroğlu?

NOBLE: You may read your intentions. Now, "I, Istanbul, I bought Ankara" I have a deficit, I want to overcome this power, the martyr's funeral, "I am here, too," is a pragmatic approach. That's what I read.


YILMAN: Omer Çelik made a statement for Osman Sarıgün. He was sent to the expulsion discipline. Then his statement was taken, he was arrested. After that photo, kissing the hand, the AK party Etimesgut mayor of the candidate to come out, our hero to make the cooking …

NOBLE: Everyone has his own position. People have a stance. Why would I kiss my hand, or tell me, and not his grandson?

FEVER: He kisses his kiss …

NOBLE: I do not know if it is so. After all, I want. There is no such event. We have fourteen years before us. We need to do this. We have a period of 4.5 years that will overcome all our major problems. TE-TO managers, such as goods found in the shell. At the same time people there, this reaction does not have to be terrorist. Everyone said it was not approved. It is wrong to call it a terrorist. For him, "who attack me, who are the same as the art of PKK Artvin", when you identify yourself, you co-operate with the political organization of the terrorist organization. We criticize you that this is not the right thing to do. Turkey is talking about a superior status terror for the first time. How long have you heard about the sound of an explosion in Istanbul?

You're Going to Turkey ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PLACE IN AL Did You Know?

In this country, the CCC had public squares on the streets. They requested an ID card. Turkey, came to a point on his own name today. These martyrs are there, and there is nothing coming in Izmir and Antalya. Do you know who we received yesterday in one of the most important sights in Turkey? We gave up ourselves. We call, no matter what, no. What did the Felicity Party do? All of you have a political experience here. Where did Erbakan establish his political position? Founded in the East and Southeast. There was a terrorist organization called the PKK, an organization that wants to manage politics. Is the most conservative areas of eastern and southeastern Turkey to us. Madrasas, people's lives. The PKK has no religion and is an irreligious organization. Erbakan said we should start this fight there. There he encountered Sheikhs, jihad, dervishes and tribes and put a conservative axis in the fight against the state. He saw this in Istanbul. Now he has made a candidate in Sanliurfa, the PKK has drawn the candidate. These people sucker? He drew the PKK candidate in Adiyaman.

ÇETİNER: Have you found the relationship of CHP with the PKK's urban structure directly outside the HDP?

NOBLE: No, but I'm switched on to DHKP-C. I said this in parliament. We said that we said: "Do not give them a face". In fact, some of the deputies paid close attention to this.

"THE CHILDREN OF THE CHILD" NEAR "will enter the municipality"

FEVER: On the one hand, the legal legitimate side of the constitutional base is HDR. On the one hand, it is clear in the fight against terrorism that we can not separate the HDR from the PKK. Nedim Sener has a proposal. FET and the terrorist organization PKK should be allowed to say that the party is forming a party. It may sound like a radical theme suggestion. No party or constituency, no MPs.

NOBLE: Mahmut Beg asked him.

Boasted: EU, Venetian criteria, violence do not share with CHP?

NOBLE: CHP has constitutional professors. They know it best. Омразата и омразата на Тајип Ердоган дошле до таква точка што во минатото ја бранеа европската социјалдемократија, Венецијанскиот критериум, односно критериумите за исклучување на насилството, критериумите на ЕКЧП. Тие не даваат политички права на партија како ХДП насекаде во Европа. Да речеме дека германската држава "Оваа партија има врска со ПКК". Види дали е жив или не? Тие се лути на нас, германско државјанство. Сите земји против тероризмот, како и развиените земји, ги имаат истите реакции. Општините на исток и исток. Општините ПКК, сега, исто така, почнаа да прават. Во 2014 година, 5.000 550 луѓе се приклучија на ПКК. 27 луѓе досега. ХДП ќе оди во зградата на округот, ќе гради зградата на Баграр. Општините организираат фестивал. Има маса. Тие носат таму, тие се поставуваат на универзитетите. Таму во твоите уши велат: "Одиш на планината да одиш на работа во општината на твојот брат" Невестата до децата од Анкара, 14-годишни деца, дозволете ми да го покажам изразот. Во својство на градоначалник, тој ќе оди во Европа, ќе ни ги притисне сите, и ќе речеме дека "тие треба да продолжат со овие легитимни движења". Тогаш зошто правиме политика? Зошто ја нарекуваме демократија?

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