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Hidden Dangers "Broken Heart Syndrome"

Cardiology specialist Ismail Erbakan, especially young people with broken heart syndrome
unhappy or unexpected
post-event syndrome can be fatal. East ", broken
Heart syndrome is a syndrome that occurs especially in female patients at an early age.
Imitates a heart attack after a sad or unexpected event
is a condition. It's a dangerous situation.

These patients have chest pain, shortness of breath, and sometimes sudden death.
They may encounter. Patients complained of a heart attack
It looks like. The pain of the patients hurts, their breath decreases, their general condition deteriorates.
it happens. ECG and trials
In addition, we experience a disorder such as disorder and loss of blood. These patients
our point of view is like a heart attack in the first place and patients are
We take angiomas and look at the veins. When we look at these veins,
that there is no obstruction in the vessels. Cardiac disorders in the process of these patients,
arrhythmia, breathing or heart failure, "he said.

Young people

Expressing that the eastern, broken heart syndrome is seen especially among young people,
"The initial causes are usually unexpected unexpected sudden organ and psychological
human losses, illness, unexpected news
may be improvements as you listen. It is a condition that occurs in young people.
It is very important that these patients apply early in the hospital.

Early angiograms are also valuable due to unnecessary medication.
they are protected. These patients are still a heart attack if they do not have angiography.
they are treated like. They should take unnecessary blood thinners.
Therefore, to treat patients as a heart attack in the first place, to make angiography,
taking the necessary measures is very valuable. If the veins are opened,
it's important to suspect a broken heart syndrome, "he said.

Erbakan, who said it was possible to protect patients from a broken heart syndrome,
"Perhaps the most important way to prevent people who have been exposed to such unexpected events
to comfort, to comfort, to remove from the environment, interests and relevance
shifting With many factors of the environment or family of persons,
With the support of the environment, people of this type of disease can be protected.

The broken heart syndrome occurs most often in women, mainly
Disease that occurs during the summer. Careful monitoring when pain in the chest
and it's very important to apply to the hospital as soon as possible. It originates from this disease
There are risks of death, especially as the clinical condition resembles the same heart attack
a number of situations such as stopping the sudden heart of rhythmic disturbances
there is a possibility of coming. Constant heart failure in very severe cases
can happen, "he said.

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