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He got TEM together! Formed tons of miles

The incident occurred during the night hours TEM route Gulf roads to maintain main behavior. Police officers, who tried to commit suicide hanging from iron overheads from the overpass, were informed by the police, firefighters and 112 emergency teams arrived at the scene. The police closed the highway for traffic on both sides and the vehicles were directed towards the side roads to the overpass.

Police, the name of BC and for a long time, trying to convince a young man who experienced psychological problems, the crew also set up an airbag under the upper passage. The fire truck attempted to reach the side of the ladder with the youth, approaching the approach to the team that tried to remove it. The teams talked for about 2 hours to discourage suicide, and then they were convinced that the airbag was obnoxious. BC, was transferred to a hospital for health check.

There were TEMi intertwined kilometers of queues

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Due to a suicide attempt, the TEM Road was closed for traffic about 2 hours, and the vehicle lines were formed in 15 km in 2 directions. After the First World War renounced suicide, traffic flow returned to normal.

There were TEMi intertwined kilometers of queues

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