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Great innovation for Instagram

Facebook Instagram

FacebookWithin the F8 Developers conference Messenger Popular platform nearby Instagram also announced major innovations.

Facebook Messenger You can reach the following changes and new features in our news. At least the Messenger from the company Instagram There are also innovations. Here's the first updated camera interface which we face. The new camera interface that you see above, called İm Create Mode ın, is much more efficient does. Changing the menu system is more useful, and the new interface focuses on creating content directly here. It also looks really nice for excellent content producers. In addition, the application comes with a label to purchase the Buna label. Content providers can easily add links to their clothing. This new opportunity will ease the life of fashion-focused content producers and it seems that they will be happy with their followers.


There is another innovation for Instagram

It also focuses on charity / donations. New people with recently "people with donations" nonprofit organizations financial aid. This feature, which will be open only in certain countries, creates the impression that Instagram will help her page to be very prominent. The donation function, which is only open in America, is really useful. With new features every day they become more advanced applications, every month home to 1 billion users He does. Now in the center of social media Facebook no Instagram is located.

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The company's IGTV infrastructure is not very prominent

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