Sunday , April 11 2021

Google Stadia games and prices will be announced tomorrow

Google Stadia games and prices will be announced tomorrow
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GoogleSüre is an online game for games that is constantly busy leaking for a long time, March became official. stadiums announcing the new service games and prices such important issues were not mentioned. Google, with the event to be held tomorrow, the price of stadiums and games to explain.

"Some news does not wait for E3"

As you know, on June 11, one of the most important fairs of the game world E3 2019 It will start. Google also shared the video E Some news is not waiting for E3 June 6 announced they would organize their event. Because at the moment there is no leak, what games we will see is a great miracle.

hour event in Turkey 19:00For start. You can also view the live event through the YouTube channel on this link. Of course, you can learn all the new information published for Stadia, remaining with Hardware News.

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Especially subscription price We will have to wait another day to find out the details of Stade's return. Thanks to Stadia, Google will be able to get the results on the side of the game and we will see them all together.

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