Monday , October 25 2021

Galatasaray wins at Kayseri – Breaking News


Kayserispor 0 – 3 Galatasaray

88.DK: GOL! Galatasaray from Omer Bayram 3 increases the difference. Mariano Filho in the middle of the right wing of Ömer Bayram, the rear pole with the ball in the back brings his shot.

83.DK: Kayserispor, 10 people remain in the match! Tiago Lopes has been booked by Umit Ozturk for Umrana Ozturka.

75.DK: GOL! Onyekuru is back on stage in Galatasaray. The difference is 2. Selcuk Inan, who left the ball on the left, Tiago Lopes & # 39; in Henry Onyekuru, quickly entered the box after the ball.

62.DK: Shamil Cinaz decided to take a shot from the right wing, but the goalkeeper Fernando Musler hit the ball.

55.DK: Sinan Silver, who meets the ball in the penalty area, thinks that the goalkeeper is in the lead, but for the most part Muammer Yildirim does not allow.

The other half has begun

The first half is over

35.DK: In the middle, Oleksandr Kucher receives a yellow card after a foul.

34.DK: Sofiane Feghouli is booked a yellow card by umpire Umit Ozturk after strong support for Bernard Mensah.

32.DK: Right on the right Tiago Lopes, the ball comes directly from the field.

28.DK: Kayserispor uses Bernard Mensah to shoot from the right wing. In the middle of the match, Cristian Sapunaru tied the ball to the goal, but Galatasaray defended the ball.

18.DK: GOL! Galatasaray Onyekuru & # 39; la goes forward. Sofiane Feghouli, who comes to the penalty area with his right hand from the ball, strikes after he has taken off the opponent. Goalkeeper Henry Onyekuru of Muammer Yildirim returns with his right foot to his right foot.

14.DK: Younes Belhanda uses the right wing corner. Defense Kayserispor welcomes you at the first pole.

7.DK: Tiago Lopes hits the ball from Maicon Roque on the back of his cervical arch.

1.DK: The game is over. Achievements in both teams


Kayserispor: Muammer, Lopes, Sapunaru, Kucher, Atilla, Mensah, Shamil, Chery, Rotman, Bilal, Hope.

Galatasaray: Musler, Ozan, Maicon, Serdar, Omar, Mariano, Seljuk, Belhanda, Henry Onyekuru, Feghouli, Sinan

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