Monday , January 25 2021

Fenerbahce Beko 76-43 Zalgiris Kaunas

When the 40-minute match ended, Zalgaris managed to make Fenerbahce Beko with a 43rd lead 1-0 move ahead.

Fenerbahce; long-term, not Laurever, Ahmet's quality and stay away from the quality of the third quarter of Veselin's violations, emerged from confrontation.

Guduric, Kalinic and the Grand Term and the leadership of the game, shared by the yellow lacvirtler, coach Jasikevicius from the second period, "Our level is not a competitor," he gave a clear and clear message.

White at the start of the fight, then Grigonis and the Straw Flame as efficient as Zhalgaris, even without crossing the threshold of 50 numbers, was satisfied with the fate: 76-43.


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Fenerbahce Beko will host Zalgiris Kaunas at √úlker Arena on Thursday night in the second Euro Euro tour tour.

Yellow Lacvirtler wins if the series came 2-0. Obradovic's students will also receive a 3-0 final battle if they win in Lithuania.

Fenerbahce Beko, Zalgiris Kauna, won 1-0 in the series by defeating the various


The final series of teams to be reached by 3 wins, the final four will be held in Spain.

Fenerbahce Beko, CSKA Moscow, Real Madrid and Anadolu Ephesus will have a lead in the playoffs. The first two matches will be played in the field of these teams.

The third games will be held in Lhasa, Panathinaikos, Bascania and Zalgiris in the league. These teams will host the 4th meeting if necessary. If the situation is 2-2 in matches, the final event that will be determined by the team that will be placed in the final on Thursday will host the teams in the top 4.

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