Friday , June 18 2021

Fatih Terim, years ago he warned Emre: Fethullahçılarla Cut Out

Galatasaray Technical Director Fatih Terim and Emre Belözoğlu appeared a dialogue years ago.

Istambul 23 The Criminal Court continued the case that the Republic had reached the record of the case. According to Arif Kızılyalın & # 39; ın Fatih Terim, in early 2000, the sharp language of Emre Belözoğlu & # 39; nun, to stop the relationship with the community warned.


Süleyman Sait Aksoy, who was known as "Football Imam" until the beginning of 2000, was on the FETÖ certificate of registration. He went to the documentation of the case, which he cautioned: "Cut off your relationship with the Fethullahists."

Emre Belözoğlu & # 39; nun, the wedding imita imitation bride, Sait Aksoy, said in her testimony: "Galatasaray winners were associated with the UEFA Cups of some community names, they were always on hand, everyone loved me." Emre's age was small, but his name became then very visible, so that Fatih Terim repeatedly visited Emre in his Florida room and He said: "These people have cut off your career and darkened your future. I will never allow this structure for my team." Em Emre said: ini Okay, my teacher, so he said something like that. These statements went to court files.


In another statement, which is reflected in the Aksoya case file, it is stated that Emre Belözoğlu broke the congregation, understanding the mistake he made in 2000. Aksoy expresses Emre's move away from F.G.

"Emre, the congregation and temporal money is to serve the purpose of this structure have been broken, and then Emre, far from me."


According to the case files, Fatih Terim warns Emre about the congregation during this period, for example "son" loved Emre inhibition on many issues and even very severe punishment was revealed. Having learned that Emre had entered the road by a luxury private car, when he had no driving license, Terim confiscated the car keys and stopped in the Florida garden until the day he received the license.

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