Friday , October 22 2021

Emotional scene of the father and daughter settlement


My daughter came to the screen on TV8. The 8th episode of the last part of emotional moments survived. In the last chapter, my daughter began to show the symptoms of the disease that history hid from her father. A doctor named Demir, father of Öykü, told about his illness. Demir learned the disease for the first time, lived in great sadness. In the final stage of the 8th episode of my daughter, the emotional scene of Demir and Öykü was touched by everyone.


Buğra Gülsoy, Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu and Beren Gökyıldız & # 39; ın with the first part of the last episode of the series came last night. The scene in which my father learned about the illness of her daughter Öykü and the scene of hugging her daughter, called the audience to tears.


In the last part of my daughter symptoms of her illness began to appear. Demir did not know about his father, went to the hospital and asked the doctor not to tell his father about the disease. Demir, who did not go to school for two days and who checked into the hospital, learned that his father was a patient.

Demir, whom the doctor called, burst into tears when he learned about the status of his daughter Öykü. In the last scene of my daughter, Demir went into the story of the house and she clung to Öykü with her tears. Daughter of the father of the moments of the last part of the last part of the seal.


Emotional scene of "father-daughter" viewers watching the audience, Twitter, "#gidersindiye" under the label opened thousands of comments. Here are exciting tweets about my daughter series …

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