Friday , November 27 2020

Do not wait in vain, I am not a story

Attracting attention with his acting in the TV series Baskadir Ojku KarajelHis sister Ezgi Caraiel once again confused his brother. Caraiel refused to be photographed, saying “I am not a story, I am a sister.”

Ezgi Caraiel, a twin identical to Shiku Caraiel, was confused again.

“I am not a story”

According to a Milliyet report, those who saw Ezgi Caraiel having dinner and drinking coffee with a friend in Cihangir wanted to be photographed. Ezgi Caraiel, who turned down the photo request, said in a statement: “I’m not a storyteller, I’m a sister.” Caraiel told reporters waiting for him: “Do not wait in vain, I am not a story.”

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