Thursday , October 21 2021

Do not be the band's ruler, the 115th new episode trailer is online! (Watch the EDHO trailer)


The new trailer of the episode was released today by ATV. In the new section section; Bad days start for Alparslan with Idris at the forefront. Khidr also returns to Idris and warns Alparslan. Ilyas haine takes another step and wants her type. This is the new trailer trailer.

The new trailer of section 115 of the new episode shared the audience with very important remarks about the new chapter. Hızır withdraws from his brother to take over the job for Ilyas. Elijah prepares the ground for a new war. He announces his name to the person who sentences with new executions. In the new trailer of episode 115, Khidr warns Alparslan about Idris. Khidr "If you continue something worse than death, something will survive," he says. Ilyas sends Alpaslan from the hotel. Izzet accepts the exchange. İlyas changes the surname of the traitor from İzzet. Ilyas wants Boran to go to his type. Idris claims that his enemies no longer have to look into his eyes and stab him in the back. Here are the bandits of the world do not rule 115. the new trailer section of Dün



Khidr, a pensioner, saying that the responsibility for the family Çakırbeylı Çakırbeylı. Izzet, who lost money, his partners, and therefore his power, engaged Fuata to come to an agreement with Elijah. If there is a contract, the terms are clear; Peace in exchange for a traitor on their behalf. The fire will quickly get rid of this scourge to save itself. When Ilyas completely takes control, he smokes and does not hesitate to sign the execution. With such an attitude, fear of a great war initiated by fear of enemies

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