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Dengue fever in Sri Lanka kills 74! What is dengue fever?

According to the Jinhua Agency, Sri Lankan Ministry of Health's Epidemic Unit, January 55, 894 cases of dengue were registered across the country on January 1 through October, 74 of which resulted in death.

Cases of dengue fever have been reported most in the capital Colombo and surrounding areas, the statement said, by October 18, the Colombo region had 11,000 854, 8,000 976 in the Gampaha region, registered in the Kalutara region, with 5,456 cases reported.

Experts, dengue fever in the country last year, killed 58 people in total, recalling deaths registered for nearly 10 months this year, "worrying", he said.


Dengue fever is transmitted to humans through mosquitoes. After the incubation period, the disease causes fever in general and can be fatal in some cases.

Cases generally increase in June and September, also known as rainfall periods, and in December and March.

Scientists warn that high temperatures and prolonged rainfalls increase the number of mosquitoes carrying malaria and dengue fever.

Species causing mosquitoes, especially in industrial ponds due to the formation of litter from litter should be sprayed continuously.

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