Sunday , June 13 2021

Crypto cash market loses blood, bitcoin falls!

Satashi Nakamoto code 2008 Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency he released in the past few days, decrease It's over.

Bitcoin, which once gained fame, now loses blood.

Last month $ 6,500 1 Bitcoin, which is worth 1000 USD per month 5500 USD stressed. Bitcoin, with a loss of about 15%, experienced the highest amortization over a monthly period from the day on which it was released. The effects of the decline also decreased the volume of the bitcoin cryptocurrency market. The currency, which has a volume of 209 billion dollars, decreased by 180 billion dollars after this decline.

Other crypto currencies

In addition to Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies dropped sharply. Crinkets 9.2% and Ethereum 13%.

Investors are restless

Investors who have invested in such a sharp drop in virtual money irritated down. is the founder and author.

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