Tuesday , June 22 2021

Bezos announces Amazon's failure for one day

Ol One day Amazon will fail, while our task is to delay it as much as possible, said Jeff Bezos, the world's largest electronics store, founder and CEO of Amazon, at a meeting with his employees last week.

At a meeting in Seattle last year, an employee asked Bezos about Amazon's future. A company employee, especially Bezos, said the United States was wondering how the Sears commercial giant and other large companies had learned bankruptcy.


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"Amazon is not big enough to disappoint.Şöyle Bezos said:

"Actually, I think Amazon will go bankrupt one day. If you look at large companies, there is no company with over 100 years of life, and the average life is 30 years."

Bezos, who said that the way to delay the failure is to focus on the client and not worry about him, he continued his speech:

"If we start focusing on ourselves, instead of focusing on our clients, it will be the beginning of the end."

These Bezos statements appeared when the company achieved unprecedented successes. Amazon is currently dominated by the large-scale IT market, while Alexy's voice assistant is still being adopted quickly at home.


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However, some employees of the company have been expressing concerns about the growth rate of the company for some time. Since 2010, the number of Amazon employees has more than doubled, and its shares have more than quadrupled since 2013.

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