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Bayern Munich – Fenerbahce Beko results: 90-86 – That news for Euroleague

Euroleague of the Turkish airlinerepresentatives of the 21st match Fenerbahce Beko, A German team Bayern Munich Faced with the far.

Lopats, especially the number of Nikola Kalinic's effect with our representative, 6:56 to the left of rule 3-8. Then the home team with Barthel and Hobbes, 4:34 before winning the result was 10-8. With Derrick Williams, who had six points in a row, he responded with Lauderne to our representative and 1:22 to 16-19. Our representative, the period 20-21finished with a high score.

At the beginning of the second quarter, our representative suffered a misdemeanor, while Bayern took the lead from 24:21 at 6:49. Slaukas and Millie with a basketball that our representative, 3:51 again went 26-28 result again took the lead. Bobbi Dixon also found a three-point representative, managed to reach 26-31. Dickson with a triple hit more than our representative, the first half 29-34 superior closed.

Bobby Dickson in first half!

Fenerbahce Beko takes the names of Bobby Dickson, the transfer of Bayern in the first half of the match.

Dixon remained on the ground for 9 minutes; He scored 11 points with 1/1 two-shot, 3/4 three points and became the top scorer in the first half.

At the beginning of the third quarter, our representative, the difference to 8 points, although the Jern effective Bayern, 5:45 left at 42-40 superiority caught. The home team had the advantage of 50-46 with Dengubic's trio at 1:42. Slaukas and Datome in a row with three in a row hit Fenerbahce, third quarter 52-52 accuracy

In the first quarter of the last quarter, the distortion of the balance and the first 5 minutes were taken from 59-59. The last part of the game was a great challenge and 2:44 left the lead with a trio of Melih, who led 61:64. However, 32 seconds before Bayern, the free throws of Dedovic 65-64 continued. Bayern, with Dundubic's free throw, brought the score to 66-64, but with Slowakas, 66-66 managed to extend the lead to one.

During the quarrel, the remaining 50 to 50 seconds remained 77-79. Can not estimate the chances of attacking Fenerbahce, 4 seconds to stay with Vladimir Lucichan fell back 80-79 three points. With a remaining 2.7 seconds, Lauren will be on the free-throw line by throwing 1/2 of the star. 80-80 equality.

Bayern started the second extended period and the first minute was over 85-80. Even if our representative again cuts the difference for another number, Bayern effectively uses Barthel to win again 90-86Bringed to you. The rest of the attacker could not well attack, the match was defeated with this result.

Bayern Munich Derrick Williams and Stefan Jovic The best scorer of the team with 19 points Danilo Bartel He played with 14 points.

Deprived of a representative of Veseli Bobbi Dickson The best scorer of the game with 23 points Luigi Datome 13 Joffrey Lauvergne He finished with 12 points.

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