Friday , October 22 2021

Armed Fighting Between Neighboring Pastors: 1 Dead, 2 Wounded


In a dispute between two neighboring bakery owners in the Güneysınır district of Konya, it became an armed struggle. Yakup A., Bekir Öztürk with his neighbor from the pistol, and their son Mesut and Enes Öztürk were falling on the ball. Bekir Ozturk was killed on the spot, his sons were seriously wounded.

The incident took place in a business center in the neighborhood of the Mevlana district in the Southsinir district. Among the two bakery owners, Bekira Öztürk and Jakub A., he left the discussion for an unknown reason. Speech with the pistol in the hands of Jakupa A., go to the neighbor's store and disperse the horror movie. Bekir Öztürk and his sons, Mesut and Enes Öztürk, fired. As a result of the fire, Bekir Öztürk died at the scene of the incident. Brothers Mesut and Enes Ozturk, who were seriously wounded in various parts of the body, were transported to the Konya Numune hospital with an ambulance called by people. The corpse of Bekira Ozturka was removed to the autopsy.

After the incident, the police arrested the suspect Jakub A.?

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