Friday , April 16 2021

Abdula Avci: If we win 4 matches, we will win

The technical director of Gottepe Tamer Tuna, Medipol Bashakhehir, in the wake of the importance of the victory, "Of course, win and win 8 weeks after the victory is nice to get. When we were together, in the game, we always thought of a game plan against the opponent who was in the control of Bashaksehir and who won the game. I will be successful in the remaining 4 weeks and next season. Congratulations on the entire Göztepeliler, "he said.

The technical director of Medipol Bashakhehir Abdullah Avi said they were sorry for Gottepe's defeat, "Before the game, the opponent's environment, the status of the points, the player showed the quality of this. We have a position of waiving VAR and we have positions canceled by the decision of VAR We were in the second half in 5 years, but we also played a lot of games and we saw that this is not the case. We have to raise our heads again from the start of tomorrow, when they were all eight points, lost after the loss of two points in 2 games, we will catch it again Rupa energy and look ahead. We need to NME. After tomorrow, our 4, 5 must match our competitors. We are ahead in the points, "he said.

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When they return to the match while the league leader does not show that he can win again in the series, "very good sets, you can not win, you will not win once." We lost points in the competition that can be won in Kayseri. the chances of winning are high, "he said.
Avsy said he was pleased with the players, "Today is the leader of the league, why are we not happy with the 30 weeks process? We had a lot of credit and we spent it today, and we will continue to take our position after tomorrow.
Stressing that they are leaders in the league race, "From now there are 3 points in front of you, and after the end of the matches, we can finish the match, win the championship when we win in 4 matches, and next week we will play with Galatasaray. , we put something in our pocket, "he said.

"I've never met any club"

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Without talking to any club, said Hunter, "I work in a club and such a race can not make such a meeting when it is impossible." Big teams and teams abroad with the name of our monument to show how we developed. The house and my family made it description.

When team captain Emre Belozoglu does not adversely affect the team, Avcı said, La do not think so. But the tension is also, and there is still a leadership team and I think that's what they know, "he said.

Avci said the team was upset by the defeat. "We can say that the team's grief and energy fell. After tomorrow, a new day begins, a new doctrine begins.

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