Wednesday , April 21 2021

A wonderful experience of Gokhan Gencebay on cameras

Gohan Gentebay, the son of Orhan Genzeyay, was pierced by the driver during a discussion on the starting point in the traffic in Besiktas. It was learned that Gensbay, who was treated at the hospital, was in good health and had no danger to life.

Gentze was stabbed as soon as the events were reflected in the cameras. The pictures react to the taxi driver, who is near Genzeyay during the incident. Genzebay attempts to stand in the injured state.


Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Chairman Ejup Aksu gave a written explanation: "We apologized to the precious family Gentebay. We wish them good luck and we wish a quick recovery from the situation." We learned that the taxi driver already has a criminal record, "he said.

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