Friday , October 22 2021

A campaign for helping leukemia patients Murat Efe


A humanitarian campaign has begun to find 80,000 TLs needed to receive the medications needed to treat Murat Efe Hazar, a patient with leukemia in the Adıyaman neighborhood in Besni.

Murat Efe Hazar, who lives in the Besiy district, was brought from abroad to treat drugs. Murat Efe Hazar, a five-year-old patient with leukemia, should receive these medicines. The family could not pay the money because the approximate cost of these drugs was 80,000 TL.

CHP President of the Besni district, Hakan Kılınç, Murat Efe announced the launch of a rescue campaign to introduce the necessary medicines for the health of the Caspian population.

Hakan Kılınç, who said he was waiting for help from sensitive charities, said: ik For the treatment of this child, an emergency needs 80,000 TL. This money is paid as soon as possible from abroad and the amount of medicine received should be paid out. People who want to support this child's treatment can contact me or my family. Those who want to help our family can send it to TR71 0001 0002 7463 9809 1850 01 ID to Ziraat Bank.

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