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5 ways to accelerate metabolism – Health news

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5 ways to accelerate metabolism

For those who want to lose weight when approaching the summer months, Dr. Key The key factors are to establish a good balance between the right amount of calorie intake, healthy home menus and exercise, said Sin Sikkun Akkurt. Body Weight In addition to diet and sedentary lifestyle, hormonal imbalances, viruses, fungi, cysts can occur due to many factors, such as dietary, and underlined that treatment support needs to be obtained.

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5 ways to accelerate metabolism

Imagine your metabolic rate as a cone. In the morning, the widest part of the cone is the narrowest part in the evening and gradually in the evening. Start your day with a good breakfast; in other words, you absolutely do not spend breakfast. As the day progresses, try to reduce the calories you take gradually. Unfortunately, today's opposite is a common phenomenon. There are people who skip breakfast for reasons such as work intensity or calorie saving. However, studies have consistently shown that this approach will cause weight gain. Breakfast full of protein, boiled eggs, yogurt, cheese, oats will be a good start to start the day.

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