Wednesday , June 23 2021

You do not meet Dr. Aue, the doctor who sold 7 fat pills in 9 clinics, 2 points Doi – Weight Loss Medicine. jpg

Has concluded the preliminary results of illegal drug sales to reduce obesity There are 7 doctors involved, 9 clinics in 6 JWs. Find 2 doctors. Important steps can be confiscated. Prepare to summarize the information provided to the Medical Council. Think about ethics Accelerated clinical examination Pills to reduce obesity – On March 12, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Dr. Thares Koratsanaiwiwong, Secretary General of the Food and Drug Administration, together with Dr. Suracak Kevevat, Secretary General, attended a press conference later with the Royal Thai Police and the Center for the Prevention and Suppression of Narcotics The study found that there is Smuggling Drugs that are classified as Psychotropic Substances in Type 2, namely Fentermin and Psychotropic Soup stations, type 4, diazepam according to the Act. Psychotropic substances in 2016, and also found medical personnel involved in this issue. Dr Thares said the investigation found that such drugs were smuggled by licensed clinics. To use hard these were These clinics are illegal. Incorrectly in the system set up by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and online direct sales via Facebook. […]

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