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Why Far Cry New Dawn Need RPG and Post-Apocalypse? The writer of this chapter plays the answer!

Hello to all readers! Today is the third day when team participated in the grand international game of Taipei Taipei show 2019. Once we try the Demos of Division 2, this time we come to the interview. A development team?

We, Invitations from Ubisoft To interview you James Norris Senior Game Designer at Tom Clancy's Department 2, with teams from GamingDose and Thaigamewiki websites to participate in this interview at the same time.

Based on an interview with James, he gave a lot of new information and long-awaited questions. He is also a fan of this game. Before gaining the ability of Ubisoft to develop the sequel to the game, he loved the Division 2

"I was abandoned. 3 days to come to sit down on the Department hard before Ubisoft came to buy my company." And he made me participate in the development of the division 2. I was really excited. " James Norris

For Section 2, James Norris confirmed that new content would come. And fix things from the first game The first thing is that the game will be used by Washington in summer as a place to tell stories. The whole story will be held after the first 7 months of the event, where you are a Split Agent you must find a way to return the city.

And why is Washington?

James said Washington is an important place for Americans. There are many famous places. And it should create an atmosphere for players to feel as much as possible in America. Initially, in the first game, New York was also an iconic place. The team brought the city to adjust to see the destruction of the appearance in the first game.

But Washington in Division 2 will be more than word destruction. Because this time the game works in the summer With a wider scene People live in unlawful lives. Ecological collapse No longer worries about the city There are many trees. And in the city there is water All this, the team thinks it will definitely give a new experience to the players.

Confirms that a new enemy has been added Beginning with the True Sons, who had previously been a JTF soldier, an ideology that would like to restore the human social system or ecosystem from the first episode, but they decided to take it all instead. Retired Did the person who was infected with the virus that was taken to the city but caused a malfunctioning Causing them to be very dissatisfied

And the last party is Hyena. They are people who want to steal others. And they will kill everyone, including you, do not care at all In addition to fun, only

Of course, each side will have different combat capabilities and in the demonstration we played We saw a new kind of weapon in the faction of the real sons who must say that the most obvious fraudsters Players must constantly use the battle plan to suit the situation. And, of course, the arsenal of the player is also improved.

And as you know, besides the Division, there are many similar games. If you give an example, such as Fate or Military Frame and which differs from move 2 and more salient than other games

By James commenting on this issue

"I think our strength is the dark zone that makes it different from other games."

In this sector, we will have the Dark Zone divided into two types. The first is the Dark Zone that will involve the players along with the synchronized levels they make, which will have no greater advantage and must use a clean game

And the second type is the traditional Dark Zone For those who want rude and challenging, there's no Sync Gear. But we have not received any confirmation from you. James said the two modes would have the same rate of cancellation or not. Because, however, DZ is the level of synchronization.

In the first game, for which many players complain, is End Game Content, which is designed for grinding. In most cases, James insists that the game's content from the actual game will be improved by the first game. Of course When players climb to Level 30, the game will provide the experience during the End Game for players from the first day.

As you know, in Division 2, the game added a specialized system to create a diverse game, and James also concluded that in this sector there will be Raid that will have to team up with other players. In accomplishing the mission For those who play MMO, they will know that Raid is the content that each MMO should have and is also the Content Hardcore level.

"You can finish all the stories and other parts of the Solo game."

In this section, James insists that players can access the entire content of the game themselves, but except for Raid, which is definitely too difficult. Also said that Himself wants to play Solo, so you can be sure that in division 2 you will be friendly with the Solo Agent.

What about new players?

James understands this well. Whether you've played the first game or not You can enjoy the division 2. The game will have a tutorial system that will teach the basics of the players before they understand the game. And, of course, the new Clan system has been added to help create a new society. And helping new players who have just played in the game And, of course, there is a system for rewarding clans that were not discovered at that time.

Let's talk about DLC. Ubisoft previously announced this Year 1 Content of all games. It will allow all players to be free It is expected that those who buy Pass 1 will have access to those content 2 weeks ago and will receive VIP Premium, which is the same as the Rainbow Six Siege using this marketing plan. And very successful

In the first game, DLC that the players like it. It is, Survival and Underground, so we shot the question: Will there be a chance to see these regimes in Division 2?

Mr James said he still can not confirm. But that does not mean that it is impossible But what he can confirm is that in Content 1, the game will consist of 3 major prizes that will be updated in free games. But he could not talk much about it at this point and still concluded that he would support Division 2 for a long time until he was successful.

A booty box?

In the first division, the toothpaste system is not a problem. Because in fact it is a cosmetic object that does not affect any game

Mr James insists that there will be a system in Division 2, but he can be comforted because there will be no item that can increase the ability of the character to sell in real money or put into the Loot Box.

And in terms of cosmetics, the first game is quite limited in dressing. And, of course, creating a character here, James commented that he wanted the game to stay real. If the character can carry too much would not be too much. And in general, the system for creating characters or dressing should be the same in the first part.

The department is a game that has two major problems: Server and Hacker. Here, James gave a very interesting comment.

They improved the structure of the new game. In the next, the game will send all data using the Server to the client system, not the client-server, in the first game. This means that tracking all the actions that occur in the game will be calculated per server and sent. The player's player, which facilitates the detection of cheating

"We know that these are problems in the first game. We learned and we tried to fix it in Division 2." James Norris

In addition to Server and Hacker, for which many players complain It is about the unfairness of the fighting in the dark zone. There are many players who are run without fighters. Here the team adjusted the new Dark Zone format.

The first is the synchronization system previously discussed. And the team has reduced the stage by limiting the number of players up to 12 people per session and Gear in the dark zone. The following players have the opportunity to receive items that are not contaminated. And you do not need to take extraction before using it

And the last story that many people would like to know the most The game will have the regime of the Royal Battle to play or not. And from my personal feeling that the Battle of the Royal Trend is beginning to be in a downtrend.

Mr James also commented on this "There is no plan for the Battle of Royal in Division 2" Alone, Playback modes, PVP, PVE, Raid and many other systems Should be able to provide a variety that makes the players happy Or you just do not have it

Inspired to create James "Division 2, he said it was a very interesting story. What will you do if all the events that happen as a real event? And there are many more that can not be said Because time is not enough If we talk about motivation which made him create the world like this

Then the Thai media asked the last question: "Is there anything to give Thai fans?" Then James was quiet for some time. Before I say

"Thailand number one" James Norris

Tom Clancy's Department 2 will be released on March 15, 2019, with all PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms for anyone who wants to try first. The game will open Bethou on February 7, 2019 and, of course, at that time Beartai will come to see them for readers.


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