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"Weera" is pleased with the measures for reducing the tax for the new year.

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The sales volume of the book grew by 873 million Baht. The government continued to promote.

Mr Verote Poianatat, Minister of Culture, found that the Department for the Promotion of Culture (MOF) together with the Surin Dusit survey Conclusion The results showed that 82.55 per cent of people considered to be informed about such measures, with 91.27 per cent agree with the implementation of the measures, and 67.87% of the respondents agreed that they could make people interested in reading more books. The most popular bookshop is 67.42%, which is a large bookstore, as is Mr. In B2, SC Edbook, followed by 22.37% of independent bookstores. Or a small store is located in the areas of different provinces and 10.21% of e-books online stores

Vera said that 52.28% of people agreed that the most benefit from this measure was making people more interested in reading followed by 34.18 percent, helping to stimulate the economy and 28.42 percent, allowing interested people to buy books. In addition, 81.84% agreed that the government should support Either continued to have these measures. Which most of the books cost the publication of measures in time, on average about 1,000 Bahts, while the government published the data from the Association of Publishers and bookstores in Thailand. This Causing Income from the Sale of Books and Publications in the Chains Store Bookstores Independent bookstores and publishers have grown from 3 years ago (2015-2017) to 33.3 percent of normal sales in December to about 670 million Baht, which has increased to 873.19 million Bahti and can sell more than 8,731,900 books. That average print media sales rose very high in just 1 month

"The Issuer's Association Has Proposed It If an increase in the period of tax measures will increase sales of books and publications more than the present. Managing various book stores has seen that it is a good measure and needs to be constantly promoted because it encourages and encourages the Thai people want to read. To promote the creation of intelligence information on the development of the country with the cheapest and sustainable costs, "said the Minister of Culture.

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