Friday , April 16 2021

Von Tratt releases grandchildren to possess marijuana After taking boil, heal his uncle, the last patient with cancer

The grandson of marijuana possession has got the last stage of cancer patients. Request by the Prime Minister for Justice

Mr. Sopa Fakham, a 65-year-old patient with gallbladder cancer, tried to use marijuana for drinking and drinking marijuana. Due to the rare cannabis, the high prices for access to drugs So bringing the seed of a grandson to cultivate in the garden to bring marijuana leaves to heal But the grandchildren were arrested by the police for the production of marijuana. Relatives who seek insurance Got the official intention of marijuana users before legalizing it

Mr. Sopa Fakham is located in Area 35 Moo 3, Rong Fong Subdistrict in Muang County, Provence-Provence. The discovery that his grandson, Phol Krit, is a 34-year-old man, his house is located at 69 Moo 7, Ban Tung Nam Sai. Tambon Mua Mo, Muang District, Phrae Province, was arrested by police to prosecute marijuana production. And there are 40 cannabis owned, at a height of 6 cm-12 cm, mixed together in a black bag. The police investigating the suppression of the police station Muang Fray forced the police to search the house of Mr. Pokrit at 7 am on the 24th April, but did not find illegal things. Therefore, he expects Generals Crete to take marijuana in fruits far from home. After that, the authorities took control and seized the marijuana tree. Submitted to Captain Samart Wangkasarang, Deputy Minister of Education (Investigation), Police Station Muang Prai, a police officer to investigate the case.

Mr Sopa said There are 40 seedlings from cannabis that are planted. His is because he has gallbladder and liver cancer Doctors at the Lampang Hospital found that they were in Phase 4 in 2018, importing many chemo-light rays. To kill the cancer cells But it seems the body falls heavily, hair loss is swollen, and then try to bring dry marijuana to dig hot water Drink every day, 2 times a day, 1 morning and 1 cup at the same time. The swelling disappeared And health improved over 1 year ago. The disease clearly decreased. But cannabis is hard to find and illegal, and has a very high price When the news about the government unlocks drug marijuana So they contacted the Public Health Department in early April To seek permission to use marijuana for healing But public health Pare said he did not have permission

Such problems make the decision They will have to grow marijuana for their own use. By Van Wang, General Crete has brought cannabis seeds to the planting plant to see that it is effective. There were 40 growing seeds of marijuana, waiting for the day to be used for treatment or access to drugs without buying. Because he has no income as an elderly patient So he asked his grandchildren to grow, but his grandchildren returned to be arrested. Because of that, wanting to state that the authorities sympathize with breast cancer patients without a marijuana solution, which significantly improves health , along with the opening that will be used as a medicine. Therefore, praying for the release of his nephew. If he can take the lead to prosecute him instead, because that marijuana belongs to him

Mr. Pitaczai Raksuk, a representative of civil society groups in the area of ​​Rong Fong, said he was depressed due to police activities. The case of uncle Sofa Is a patient with cancer who can recover with cannabis And the only way to keep marijuana treatment is to develop yourself While the government has announced that it unlocks marijuana for medical purposes Many political parties have come out to promote But it was arrested and prosecuted I would like to seek the justice of government agencies, including Prime Minister Prayut Chan-Ocha, please feel sorry for the poor to find a way to access drugs for the lives of Ta Bra's residents. Now the bail application is very difficult. Police believe the defendant is a serious drug abuser. It is therefore very difficult to request a bail


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