Wednesday , August 4 2021

True love, the mother is not happy

Today I would like to share my experience with a short excerpt. If really, a very long story We had the opportunity to meet a friend, an older brother and we agreed to go out. He took us to pay his respects to his mother. In which we ourselves are a woman with a calm face But there is also gratitude with adults At first, he did not look like anything. He did not say that he did not like it, but not love. Until the middle of this year, he called us to talk to him that he was actually dating, right? If you go out and live together, they will help you earn a living. With the money gradually falling to deal with the work Then he opened a business for us. We thought I liked it, haha. After a while, he fell ill and underwent surgery. Recovery in the hospital a few months When I worked alone I was very tired Until his sister sent her subordinates to help (cargo). He came in and started having problems Discover what we do, do not say, do not talk, do not talk Because we are people who do not want to talk, we just do it. When his mother left the hospital Then we came to the store to be fired from the store, which means standing and cursing in front of the store We knew before he fired us because he greeted our brother. Who expelled us That day she cried so hard that the girl cried. The boyfriend went to see us, he was packing his clothes, and the boyfriend was crying. We moved into the room not far away. Because he wanted to be nearby He waited to find them and take care of all the expenses. Never give us problems We are ashamed. We do not know what to do now. Will you continue or just enough? Have you ever asked my girlfriend if it’s still us? He replied that he wants But we do not want to live like this. Where We Exist It turns out that he lives like a mistress because his mother was just thinking about how we should break up. We have always helped each other to create. What do you think? Should we go further or not, is this time the end of Thus, is there a finish?frowningcrying

P.S. We are not the first fan to be fired from his mother’s house. But he fired all his fans.

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