Monday , September 20 2021

The market is disappointed today in Thailand. The only minus is 6.40 points.

Mr. Prakit Siriwattanachet, director of the Department of Securities Analysis, KASIKORN SECURITIES PUBLIC COMPANY … November 8, 2006. The SET index closed in the morning on the regional stock exchanges. But the afternoon is expected to disappoint the market after the announcement of the Thai election calendar "Dr Wissanu Krea Ngam" Deputy Prime Minister of the Legal Department. The market is still waiting for the transparency of the election. Dr Vissanu also set a wide election day between February 24 and May 9, 62, which will be known on election day. Finally, wait. The law is a law and is waiting for a meeting. I'm not sure if it is. Who will know about mid December 61.

Therefore, this problem may be a disappointment for the market. SET went away in the afternoon. SET closed at 1 681.73 points, an increase of 6.40 points or 0.38%, while the turnover amounted to 49166.72 million.

However, it is estimated that the investment climate in this period. Probably goes to a good zone. To date, FOMC believes that the interest rate remains stable. This may cause a slight drop in the US stock market. And do not influence the Thai stock market tomorrow. The rate has moved by 1.675-1.695.

The investment strategy is currently focused on Q4'06 earnings, which include SAWAD-STEC-TISCO.

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