Saturday , April 17 2021

The index has attracted more than 500 million bahts to raise funds to expand the business.

Index Habitat ready to enter the stock market Sale of 105 IPO shares at a price of 5 baht per share. Both indexes Lively mole, unique and top solar photos in the branch Ready to pay debt

Miss Kritchanok Pattam Sattiya Sonthi Managing Director of the Live Living Mall Public Limited Company (ILM) revealed that the company has already received approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the sale of newly issued ordinary shares to the Public Broadcaster for the first time (IPO) 105 million units, at a price of 5 baht per share.

Funds will be used for raising funds. It is used to expand the branch of Index Living Mall, expanding small furniture stores, expanding the furniture business under the brand Younique and installing the solar peak at the company's branch. , Investing in improving the efficiency of the plant and participating in the money to repay the loans to financial institutions

For the previous results of the index, it was found that there is a continuous growth. In 2016, total income was 9,394.4 million Baht, net profit amounted to 490.9 million baht, revenue in 2017 amounted to 9,488.1 million baht. Bach and 2018, the total income was 9,767.8 million Baht, and the net profit amounted to 538.1 million Baht.

At present, the Index Living Mall and the Index Furniture Center have 36 branches in more than 21 provinces across Thailand. And also is a rental and rental service provider under Walk, Little Walk and Index Mall brands, including 9 branches. In 2018, nearly 300 million Bahts were sold.

In addition, there are plans to increase production capacity. By focusing on adopting a modern and efficient machine With more automated production for use To reduce production costs Including increasing production efficiency to support the expansion plan on domestic and international markets

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