Sunday , April 11 2021

The development area is organizing the development of Golf Challenger, 9th, to win the rank of China.

<img src = "" alt = "The development stadium organizes the development of golf Challenger for the ninth year to win the circle of China . "Data heading =" The development field is organized by the Golf Challenge for the 9th year to win the circle of China

Mr. Thomas Tapen, managing director of a golf club and resort development, presided over the 9th anniversary of the Challenger tournament tournament on Friday, April 26, to promote amateur golfers. Have a Competitive Platform And Encouraging Sanam Pattana Golf Club And Resort To Be A Course That Helps To Develop Golfers

The Golf Development Challenger, the ninth year, has split all four qualifying rounds, bringing 30 good players and 10 lucky drags into the finals on September 29th. Gross (who has more handicap is the winner) and the winner of Low Net (who has less handicap is the winner) of each file Along with the winners of the special reward prize, 5 people will go to open the golf experience at the Luxe Hills Golf & Country, in Chengdu, China in October.

For the round of the Pattana Golf Club and Resort round is defined as follows: First Qualifying Round, Sunday 26 May, Second Qualifying Round, Sunday 30 June, Third Qualifying Round, Sunday 28 July, Fourth Qualifying Round, Sunday 25 August, Final Sunday, 29 September 2019 Registration fee 1,950 baht (green food, tubs, party) Shotsak at 12:00. Interested candidates today Email [email protected] For more information, please call 038-318-999 local 11238

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