Saturday , April 17 2021

The biggest honor in life "Bela" joined the stage. In the royal crowning ceremony of King Rama 10

"White" reveals the greatest honor in life He participated in a stage performance of the royal crowning ceremony of King Rama I, once in his life that was born to clarify the image of "Vir", watering the head of the father and grandmother on the day of Songkran, because the house is close together. Head I discovered a surprise at the birthday party of a man with balloons because he liked the male side Bathing coffee in the forest together is confusing.

The most famous in the episode "Karaket" in the play "Bumpahnia" are sent to girls. "White Rane Campen" He had the opportunity to play the stage in the royal crowning of His Majesty King, the new reign of the 10th, also the joy to be considered the highest honor to be an actress of the White Girl so far

"It is considered a very good opportunity And the highest honor in life With the opportunity to play the stage at the crowning ceremony Held in Sanam Luang Anyone who is free can come and see this on May 26th. What was unexpected and unexpected was answered immediately. Now, Father Eid (Swat Pathamasut) has sent a story to read. There is no preparation for this episode. But it will schedule a meeting at the same time This is a fun show. It is considered once for the life that was born It is considered the highest honor. "

Tell him the surprise of the birthday, which is no surprise that he arranged "Weir Suckonwatch" to discover a surprise with balloons often because men like
"Not at all surprising is a surprising break from thinking But, it's OK He said he's just happy. Is it that we order balloons But the balloon parked in front of his house. Then he asked what he did. The staff said balloons were arranged. Since then, this is the difference. It is surprised by balloons, often because he wants He has everything. Sometimes at the moment we do not remember things. But we need more feelings Like when you see balloons, it looked fresh. Remember that this year, balloons were held in the home of cars. Is that the car builder?

Discovering a trip from tents, dipping a coffee on a car with a "Weir", a journey that should be mixed.
"It was not the case that I had to mix. At first I thought I was invited to buy a tree. But the truth is to go to the tent It was hot, but … (laughs) was a past that was filmed E, if we are working But, when this kind of Oh, this is really a relaxing time for you, but it's a new experience. Go to the tent and your older friend drip coffee. Drink hot coffee in hot weather (laughs) Ask if it's romantic? Does it go with his friend Considered to be the world's opening Bell Usually Bell does not go. Will be his older brother with friends Bell did not ask what his purpose was. But it's also empty Then his friend is also free. But he did not drag the car home Not that Bell, nor EnJoy Bell, is fine, just feeling it warmer than we think. But it's OK A new atmosphere Is something new What we never do But if we go in winter it will be very good Bell was well prepared that day. Long arms, long legs, had a hat, but next time it would be more ready. About the feelings (laughs) "

Explain that the young "Weir" is empty, coincides with it, so come and lend adult relatives watering the Songkran.
"Come and borrow relatives on White Spark Irrigation Day because his parents are far away Then that day was empty, so I stopped and my grandmother came to visit the house. Watching him, he said to buy a steering wheel on the market. (So people it's teasing him that he's already in the house?) No, the house is not too far away. I have not met for some time and is a good opportunity for Songkran. Grandma is happy. At first he did not dare to rub his head. And then she stroked my head (smile)"

The part that bought the millionaire luxury watch for the mother as a birthday gift With the title to use some of the money In the past, my mother collected money for each house, but my mother never used anything.
"As a birthday gift From this mother is a surprise I saw little tears Bell had no intention of hitting or something. Only Bale gives mom all the money. And my mother did not have money. We feel like you have something else. So buy a watch But there was a cake blowing With a message to We just want the mother to have some storage. He did not put anything. I rarely buy Do not buy clothes Mother Bell will not want anything. You do not want to buy anything This time is considered a great gift. Do mothers not think to buy themselves But if we buy them for the mother He did not know what his mother was, he was happy, was delighted at any moment. Strangely for the cake, he was happy. "

The drama "Karma Karma" is very good.
"Very glad that one of our dramas came out. We do not expect the rating to be high or something else. But as a result Get Current and Ratings People come to make very good feedback. Getting ideas, seeing the characters we play He really watched our feelings. It was very successful. The rating is a wonderful by-product and is delighted. This should be 2, but there are still many. Must be monitored (Being a heroine, good rating every year?) Bell is very happy. What's in the drama that people want to see But I want the drama to be successful at any moment

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